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Handle letters can be supplied in any of the brass type styles as shown. The larger point sizes are engraved on domed heads and cut close to the letter form. Smaller letters are filed closely, and right back along the shank, to produce a tool with perfect sighting and ease of use.

inally a sighting line is machined square to the face to aid alignment. Larger letters of up to 72 point are available in a limited number of styles (please enquire).

Birch handles are used on all of our tools for their resistance to splitting, whilst tangs are of smaller size than the shank and are fitted through purpose made domed brass washers to help reduce and deflect the heat from the centre of the handles.

Handle letters are supplied in sets of 40 consisting of A-Z 0-8 (6 used for 9) & AE OE . , They are supplied in strong wooden boxes. Individual letters are available if required.

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