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Decorative and line pallets can be made to suit most decorative wheel and fillet designs and
are supplied curved with a 10 inch diameter arc unless flat tools are requested when ordering.
They are made 3 inches long as standard, but can be made shorter or up to 4 inches if required
(some pattern lengths are too long to completely fit onto a pallet). 3 inch pallet prices are
1/3 of the respective wheel prices.



Type high brass strips are also available in most designs. Ideal for underlining or bordering alongside type, they can be cut any length up to 6 inch. The body size will be the nearest available standard point size. 4 inch strips are priced at 1/4 of the respective wheel price.

Our pallets are engraved with extra depth around the outer edge, leaving the indentations which are an essential visual aid for preventing ‘doubling’ when additional impressions need to be located.